Tournament Schedule


Thursday, 3/18, 7:30p to 10p – Play begins

Thursday 8:30pm     Coy vs Webster (3.5)   ||   Johnson vs Kitchin (3.5)

Thursday 9pm     Ball vs Hamann (4.5)  ||   Huber vs Valles (4.5)

Friday, 3/19, 7:30p to 10p

Friday 7pm      Bush/Coy vs Ernst (3.0) ||  Moore vs Webster (3.0)

Friday 7pm      Hartman vs Hixson/Miller (4.0)  ||  Howard vs Quinn (4.0)

Friday 8:30pm    Webster vs Johnson (3.5) ||  Kitchen vs Lauder (3.5)

Friday 8:30pm    Ball vs Valles (4.5)  ||  Huber vs Hamann (4.5)

Saturday, 3/20, 1p to 11p 

Saturday 1pm    Bush/Coy vs Moore  ||  Ernst vs Webster

Saturday 2:30pm    Hartman vs Howard   ||  Hixson/Miller vs Quinn

Saturday 4pm      Coy vs Lauder    ||  Webster vs Kitchin

Saturday 4pm       Ball vs Huber   ||  Hamann vs Valles

Saturday 5:30pm    Bush/Coy vs Webster   ||  Ernst vs Moore

Saturday 5:30pm    Hartman vs Quinn  ||  Hixson/Miller vs Howard

Saturday 7pm    Coy vs Johnson    ||  Lauder vs Webster

Saturday 7pm   Ball vs Hamann   ||  Huber vs Valles

Saturday 9pm    Bush/Coy vs Ernst   ||  Moore vs Webster

Saturday 9pm   Hartman vs Hixson/Miller    ||  Howard vs Quinn

Saturday, 4/20,6:00pm to 10:00pm – 2020/21 Pavo Loco Player Party (COVID friendly)
Dinner by Hacienda, each player will receive a ticket for their meal

Sunday, 4/21, 10a to 8p – Play wraps-up and trophies are awarded!

Sunday 10:00am      Ball Vs Valles

Sunday 10:00am     Coy vs Kitchin   ||  Johnson vs Lauder

Sunday 11:30am      Huber vs Hamann

Sunday 11:30am       Bush/Coy vs Moore   ||  Ernst vs Webster

Sunday, 4/21, 12N – Pizza provided by Crazy Italian Pizza
Thank you to Chris Cassagne for your sponsorship, each player will receive a ticket for their meal

Sunday 1pm          Hartman vs Howard  ||  Hixson/Miller vs Quinn

Sunday 2:30pm     3.5 FINALS

Sunday 3pm          Ball vs Huber

Sunday 4:30pm     Bush/Coy vs Webster   ||  Ernst vs Moore

Sunday 4:30pm      Hamann vs Valles

Sunday 6pm       Hartman vs Quinn  ||  Hixson/Miller vs Howard