Special Event

Tacky Christmas kickoff-fbcover-03

We are very excited to once again support the Lexington Humane Society and Toys for Tots with the Pavo Loco one-day mini tournament. We look forward to seeing you Saturday, November 25th in your best tacky Christmas or football attire!
🎾 To register: Captains, create a team in leagues just like you do for regular season, then give your team number out to your players. (We recommend 8 players per team)
🎾 Please remember to bring an item for donation to the Lexington Humane Society and/or Toys for Tots
🎾 Based on registration numbers and court availability, we will decide if we are able to do full sets with TB or mini sets. (We know, not ideal, but we are trying to get you as much tennis as possible in one day!)
🎾 Teams will probably play 3-4 matches with winner decided by over all record in event of a tie it will go sets won, then games won – Tito knows how competitive you turkeys are so please remember this is for FUN and CHARITY 
🎾 A Food Truck will be in the LTC parking lot from 5-8pm with a select menu for you to grab a bite (they can accept credit card/cash)…Please support them and you can even invite family members to join you and come watch some great tennis!
🎾 Last but not least, be sure to mark your calendar for the full
PAVO LOCO CHARITY TENNIS TOURNAMENT, March 2024 … Greatest Show on Court! 🎪
Thank you again for your participation in this fun event for 2 great charities, we look forward to seeing you all on the courts.  
Tito & The PAVO Board